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Embracing Modern Romance: The Ariel Taub Spring/Summer 2025 Bridal Collection

As the world begins to bloom with the promise of warmer days and budding love stories, the bridal fashion scene is ablaze with excitement over the launch of our Spring/Summer 2025 Bridal Collection. Drawing inspiration from the ethereal essence of modern romance, this collection is a breathtaking fusion of timeless elegance and contemporary allure, showcasing an exquisite blend of pearls and crystals that redefine bridal glamour.

The back view of our new Ophelia tulle wrap paired with the Presley back necklace and Prim crystal and pearl hoop earrings

At the heart of the collection lies a celebration of femininity and individuality, with every veil, wrap, clutch and piece of jewelry designed to accentuate the natural beauty of the bride. From glamorous wraps to elegant earrings, every style exudes a sense of modernity while remaining true to the timeless charm of bridal tradition.

One of the defining features of the Spring/Summer 2025 collection is the exquisite use of pearls and crystals, which add a touch of opulence and refinement to each design. With our newest Prim hoop earrings, the definition of modern elegance. These sterling silver partial hoop earrings have pave crystals along the outisde and an elegant floating pearl on the inside.

The juxtaposition of soft, romantic elements with contemporary detailing creates a harmonious balance that is both alluring and unforgettable. 


As brides around the world prepare to say "I do" in the coming months, the Ariel Taub Spring/Summer 2025 Bridal Collection stands as a beacon of hope and inspiration, reminding us all that love is timeless and that every love story deserves to be celebrated in style. So, here's to modern romance, to pearls and crystals, and to the breathtaking beauty of the bride.


The Ariel Taub Spring/Summer 2025 Bridal Collection made its debut at Chicago bridal market this past April to retailers around the world. This collection will be available to shop in stores this summer. Find a store near you:

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