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5 Reasons You Need a Bridal Clutch

There is much debate regarding whether or not a bride actually needs a bridal clutch to accompany her to the altar. On using common sense though, such an argument seems strange because why wouldn’t she need a bridal clutch?

On any given day, most women carry a clutch, bag or a purse around with them all day while out. So, what is it about the wedding day that makes the beautiful, bridal clutch such an unnecessary accessory?

There is practically no reason why a bride won’t need her trusty purse on this day, but there are a ton of reasons why a bridal clutch is a practical, fashionable and necessary accessory, which every bride should have. As to what those reasons are exactly, let’s find out.

Is there a Bigger Occasion to Look Your Best than Your Own Wedding?

Purses and clutches are perhaps the most utilitarian fashion accessories to have ever existed. Leaving the utility out of question, for now, let’s first take a look at the fashion and aesthetics of the wedding clutch first.

Is there a bigger day for a woman to look her best than her wedding day? The answer can be subjective, of course, but no one would argue that she has every right to accessorize that glimmering, wedding gown with an equally gorgeous bridal clutch that truly complements her entire attire. If not for any other reason, the completion of the wedding attire alone is sufficient to make the clutch a must-have for the bride.

It can Carry Your Lip Balm

Most wedding clutches are not equipped to handle a lot of items, but lip balm will have no trouble finding its place in a clutch. You will thank your wise thinking for carrying the clutch when you realize after the ceremony there are a ton of guests to meet and, well, kiss on the cheeks!

All that spousal kissing, guest pecking and maybe even kissing a few babies along the way will make it necessary for you to have a pair of soft, moisturized lips. Brides are generally a bit nervous on their wedding day as it is, which is one more reason why a baby could start crying if you don’t have some lip balm with you but decide to kiss the baby’s soft head with your dry, chapped lips anyway!

You are Going to Need Everything You Usually Need When You are Out

From lip balms to car keys, the average woman’s bag contains a little of everything. Apart from perhaps pepper spray and money, you will need every one of those things on your wedding day too. In fact, putting in a few dollar bills may not be such a bad idea either because if there’s one thing that we can never be faulted for carrying, it would have to be some emergency cash in a bag.

There are the minty breath fresheners to keep your kisses fresh, a comb to brush away a few insolent strands of hair, and a little mirror to help you apply touchups every once in a while. When you think about it, it is very likely that you will need most of your regular items in a bridal clutch, even more than you need them on regular days.

It is Going to be a Long Day

If you have just the ceremony planned without a party afterward, then you are saved from spending a long day in makeup and a tight-fitting dress. Then again, very few brides are willing to cut their special day short by going home just after the ceremony.

A wedding day is meant to be a long day, and the bridal clutch is supposed to help you get through the day with everything from mouth fresheners and lip balm to tissues for those awkward and emotional moments.

Nobody is going to judge you for crying at your wedding, but the guests may judge you for not carrying a handkerchief or some tissues to wipe away what needs to be wiped away! Trust us when we say, don’t count on yourself not crying.

The Bridal Clutch Can Carry Your Wedding Vows

Forgetting the wedding vows is a common problem and although it may not seem like something that matters, if you have decided to pour your heart out at the wedding, forgetting your notes can be a crushing moment. You are never going to get such a beautiful opportunity to read what you had written, so carry a bridal clutch and put your note cards in it to avoid such a scene.

Now that we have explained it all, the debate can finally be put to rest because yes, bridal clutches are essential for both practical and aesthetic reasons. Denying yourself the convenience and the opportunity to look your best on your wedding day makes no sense whatsoever.


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