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5 Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Day Handbag

When it comes to planning and pulling off the perfect wedding, there are a lot of different factors to consider. Every bride wants their wedding outfit to be as close to perfect as humanly possible. Needless to say, that’s a pretty big ask If you want your wedding outfit to be perfect, as you need every element to work together.

A handbag is an important part of any bride’s outfit. Picking a handbag that doesn’t just blend in well with the rest of the outfit, but which will also serve all functions required of a handbag, is not easy.

The following tips will help you to pick out the bridal bag of your dreams. If you want a bag that looks great, feels great, and makes you feel great, here’s what you need to consider.

Match it With the Rest of Your Ensemble

Every bride wants to look her absolute best on the day of her wedding. If you want to maintain that magic air of perfection throughout the entire day then you will need to make sure that your whole outfit is a hit. That includes accessories like your handbag.

You don’t want to choose anything too flashy, certainly not flashy enough to take attention away from your dress. It’s best to work out what accessories you will wear after you have put everything else into place. If you take this approach, you will be able to try your handbag out with the rest of the outfit and instantly get a sense of how it all works as a whole.

If you are having trouble finding a bag that really does it for you, consider whether further accessorizing and enhancing it might help - the right sprinkling of sequins, studs, and stones can completely change the tone of a handbag.

Smaller is Better

A big and bulky handbag is going to cause all kinds of problems for you during your wedding ceremony. If you're distracted by the size and weight of your bag then your mind will not be on the ceremony in front of you; you want to be completely present for the happiest day of your life.

Aim for something that is small and discreet, something that you can hold for a long time without really noticing that it’s there. You only need to keep the essentials in there, how much stuff do you really need for a wedding? There’s a good chance that you will be traveling to your wedding destination with a whole load of luggage in tow anyway, so you should be able to store anything you don’t need for the duration of your wedding.

Choose Something Versatile

Whatever handbag you go with, it needs to be one that isn’t going to get in the way when you’re trying to juggle a wine glass or champagne flute. Some women prefer to go with a simple strapless clutch that they can easily put down when they need to or hold in one hand without noticing it’s there.

If you need to go with a larger handbag, consider one with a removable strap. This gives you much more versatility and enables you to adjust the bag to suit your environment. If you will be going from open outdoor spaces to a more enclosed indoor space, this can be an incredibly useful feature.

Comfort is Key

Above all else, the handbag that you choose to wear throughout your wedding needs to be comfortable. If the bag is uncomfortable then you are going to be dealing with unpleasant physical sensations throughout the day. This will distract you and take you out of the moment right when you should be embracing it the most.

It is a good idea to try any bags on before you buy them, if at all possible. Even if you plan on buying your handbag online, you can still find the same model in a brick and mortar retail store and try it on there. You won’t be able to try it on all day, but you can get a good feel for it. Try adding some relatively heavy objects and trying it on to see what it feels like under strain.

Choose Something Functional

Of course, you want to look your best on your wedding day, but you don’t want to choose your handbag purely on the basis of how it looks - it is just as important to consider how it feels when you’re using it. Different women will have different requirements, but there is no reason that you should have to forego any of the features that you are used to. If you usually have zips and pockets, then you should be able to find something similar that will compliment your wedding ensemble.

Once you have found the right bridal handbag, you’ll know it. Make sure you compare with your bridesmaids to ensure there are no clashes. In fact, you could all find handbags that complement one another.

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