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Proper Storage Techniques for Fashion Jewelry

Written By: Katie Pierce

Jewelry can make an outfit look more put-together. They can also help one shine in any setting: at work, black-tie events, weddings, etc. However, if you want these pieces to last longer, you need to store them well when they’re not in use.

Importance of Proper Fashion Jewelry Storage

Storage is an integral part of proper jewelry care. They can help make your pieces last longer and maintain their shiny, tip-top condition.

Keep Your Pieces Safe and Secure

Knowing where your pieces are and that they’re secure can help give you the peace of mind you need. Keeping more valuable pieces tucked away in a cool, dry place will help you maintain their pristine condition and keep them safe and secure.

Avoid Damaging Your Prized Possessions

Discoloration, dents, and scratches can make your trinkets look older—and not in the chic or “vintage” sort of way. Any damage to the jewelry you have can diminish its value which is something you need to consider if you plan to pass them down to family members or sell them in the future. To prevent any damage from happening, you should invest your time and some of your resources in storing them properly.

Taking Care of Your Investments

Jewelry pieces are great fashion statements, but they also make great investments. Pieces that are made from gold, silver, and other precious stones can appreciate over time. Investing in fashion jewelry can be a smart financial choice, but managing it properly requires a money-saving mindset. And that having that money mindset means realizing the importance of preserving your precious items’ value.

Top Jewelry Storage Tips

Taking care of your jewelry is a relatively easy task. With these few simple tips, you can keep these pieces looking brand-new.

Organize Your Jewelry Pieces

Before storing your pieces, you may want to sort them first. This will help you locate specific pieces in the future. Start by separating your accessories depending on the type of material, such as gold, gold-filled, pearl, silver, and so on. Then you can classify them based on their category: rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, etc. You may also want to consider having separate storage for your jewelry altogether. The value of these pieces are more likely to appreciate over time, so it’s best to keep them safe and take extra care by allotting a special space.

Remove Excess Moisture

Prior to storing your jewelry, make sure to wipe the sweat or excess moisture with a soft cloth. The extra moisture, especially sweat, can affect the appearance of your precious trinkets. When choosing where to store your jewelry, go for shallow or stacked jewelry boxes lined with felt or cotton. The lining can help absorb excess moisture and avoid any discoloration. Plus, shallow or stacked containers will make finding and getting pieces easier. You can store your pieces in a way where you can see each one better than placing them in a deep box without any compartments. Silica packets are also excellent options for absorbing extra moisture. They are easy to find online or at your local hardware supplies store.

Have a Separate Spot for Accessories in Your Daily Rotation

We all have those go-to pieces that we use every day to complete an outfit. For those accessories, you can put them in a convenient location like the top of your dresser or side table. There are effortlessly stylish yet affordable dish trays and jewelry stands you can purchase. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone; your organizer can also serve as home décor.

Use Hooks or Hanging Organizers to Prevent Tangling

Necklaces and dangling earrings are challenging to sort out once they inevitably get tangled after improper storage. To avoid the hassle and potential damage, use hooks or hanging organizers. These easy-to-find options are great if you want to see every option you own. Plus, your necklaces and dangling earrings look better on display than in a tangled mess in the depths of your drawer.

Store More Special Pieces in a Lined Jewelry Box

As mentioned, you should strongly consider keeping your jewelry in a separate location, preferably a soft and lined one. Keeping these prized pieces together but organized can save you the hassle of locating each piece when it’s time to give your jewelry pieces the monthly cleaning they require. Additionally, the soft lining of the organizers can help avoid unwanted scratches or tangling.

Treating each piece with the proper care it needs makes your wardrobe staples last longer. Taking the time to ensure proper cleaning and storage can help you stay organized and avoid damaging your jewelry when they’re not in use. Additionally, if you have a financial mindset, you’ll understand that taking better care of your jewelry can also be considered an investment.


Trust us; your future self will indeed thank you for putting in extra effort to care for your precious trinkets.

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