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What Should You Carry in Your Wedding Clutch?

Your wedding day is almost here and after months of planning and arrangements, it is finally time to tie the knot in front of friends and family. You have managed to find that perfect wedding dress, booked everything in advance and even written down your vows, signaling that you are all ready and excited to begin the next phase of your life. At this point of time, there is little about the wedding and its various preparations that can catch you off-guard, so there’s very little anyone can tell you really, except perhaps what to put in that gorgeous bridal clutch!

It is easy to forget about the little things when there are just so many important matters to attend to, and as every woman who has ever been a bride knows, that is precisely what almost always happens. We are going to make your last-minute preparations much easier though. Just make sure that your bridal clutch has most, if not all of the items listed below.

Cure for Dry Lips: The All-Important Lip Balm

Is there ever a time when you leave the house without lip balm in your purse? Why should the wedding venue be an exception to that rule either?

If anything, a good lip balm will be necessary to keep your lips moist and soft on your wedding day, more than perhaps on any other day in your entire life! After all, kissing is such an integral part of the ceremony, and we are not only talking about the kiss with your fiancé that seals the deal either.

You will meet guests and a good lot of them may want to peck your cheeks while expecting the same in return. Throughout the entire ceremony and the afterparty, your trusty lip balm should stay in your clutch, always ready to get called on for action, so that your reputation for having smooth and soft lips stays untarnished!

Saving Grace: The Small Mirror

It’s going to be a long day and you will be eating a lot of food too. It only makes sense that you at least taste those shrimp cocktails and grilled chicken pieces that were selected so carefully for the event.

Unfortunately, the classic wedding menu has a whole list of items that can leave you with food stuck between your teeth. Bits of that green garden salad may require assistance to come out from its snug, new accommodation in between your two front teeth!

Unless the bride is carrying a compact mirror inside her clutch, it is possible that the only way she will get to know about it would be when a guest tells her, or worse, when the photographs come in!

A Breath of Fresh Air: Minty Mouth Fresheners

Remember that kissing part we already mentioned? Well, the bride needs to be ready with more than just a lip balm for that.

The combination of different kinds of food, a long, tiring day and kissing a lot of guests can give you bad breath in no time. Keep munching on those minty mouth fresheners in your purse every once in a while, to make sure your breath is as fresh as you look.

Tissues: As Cliched As they are Necessary

The bride crying on her wedding day is a huge cliché, and it’s also a near-inevitable occurrence because quite simply, it’s an emotional day in her life that will likely change almost everything.

Pack the bridal clutch with a bunch of tissues to help you get through that awkward moment, which would be infinitely more awkward without them, of course. As an alternative, you could also use a handkerchief, but pack at least two of them in your purse, just in case!

The Wedding Vows

If you have spent a good bit of time writing down your wedding vows, then it’s more than just an old ritual for you. It gives you an opportunity to express your love for the person you are going to spend the rest of your life with.

Most brides are nervous and emotional, while others may start crying while reading their wedding vows. All of that is expected and even encouraged, but as you can imagine, in order for the magical moment to happen, you will need notes to remind you of your vows, which are a very common thing to forget.

Put them inside the bridal clutch and you are immediately safe from such embarrassing scenarios. You can also memorize them, but when you are reading them from text, the brain can concentrate on the emotions, rather than on remembering rehearsed lines.

That’s about it really, but remember that it’s your big day, so if you feel that we missed out on anything, feel free to add it to the list. Let the clutch bulge a little bit, if it must, but come prepared and stay gorgeous throughout everything.

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